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About Us

The Kid Spark Group, LLC is a language consulting organization specializing in personalized, virtual language lessons and cultural experiences for children ages 4-12. Our Arabic, English, French, and Spanish lessons are fun and engaging and we look forward to adding additional languages in the future. Rather than offering a prescribed curriculum, we pride ourselves on getting to know your child to make the language learning experience truly unique.

We are a resource for parents and schools looking to encourage cultural competence in their children. Based in New York, and with clients worldwide, The Kid Spark Group serves as a bridge between education and real-world experience for our learners. We understand the need for providing our students with opportunities to learn from and to engage with other cultures from a young age. What better way to do so than by learning a new language? With The Kid Spark Group’s language offerings, there’s no need to wait for formal language education in a school setting. Your child can learn a new language anytime and anywhere with our online lessons.

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