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Hi there, I’m Ty.

Founder of The Kid Spark Group, LLC


Ty Foster is the founder of The Kid Spark Group, LLC. An experienced and accomplished language educator, Ty began her career in education over 20 years ago after finishing her Master’s program in foreign language education in New York. She has worked in the United States and overseas as a French teacher, Professional Learning Facilitator, World Languages Department Chair, and Director of Global Engagement. After spending five months teaching online, Ty was inspired to start The Kid Spark Group to provide young children around the world with outstanding language instruction and cultural resources. 


“Working with quality language instructors, we aim to introduce languages and cultures to our students from an early age. We understand the importance of language acquisition, not just language learning. What sets us apart from many others in the field is our dedication to truly getting to know our students. By doing so, we’re able to personalize their lessons and make them more meaningful. We specialize in providing language lessons and cultural resources to children, their parents, and schools in an effort to develop cultural literacy and empathy in our youth.”


In addition to her work with The Kid Spark Group, Ty is an expert in language curriculum and instructional design. She is an accomplished professional learning facilitator; particularly in the areas of classroom management and procedures, differentiation, student engagement, online instruction, and language instruction. She has lived and worked in France, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Interested in working with The Kid Spark Group?

We’re looking for creative, engaging, and dedicated language instructors to join our team!

If you’d like more information on working with us, email Ty Foster at today.

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