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What makes The Kid Spark Group different from other language learning companies?
Our experienced instructors at The Kid Spark Group take pride in creating an engaging curriculum tailored to their students' interests and learning styles. It is our mission to provide outstanding lessons to build cultural intelligence and empathy in our young students through the exploration of language.
Which languages does The Kid Spark Group offer?

Currently, we offer instruction for French, Spanish, Arabic, and English language lessons. 


Does my child already need to be familiar with the language they will learn?

No, not at all! Since The Kid Spark Group specializes in personalized language lessons for young learners, we do not expect our students to have prior knowledge of the language. If they do, that’s a plus, but definitely not a necessity. 


What will my child need for lessons? Will I need to purchase materials such as books?

The number one requirement for learning with The Kid Spark Group is patience and an open mind. Additionally, your child will need the following:

  • A good wifi connection

  • A device (such as an iPad or laptop, phones are okay, but not suggested)

  • Any additional apps or resources suggested by your child’s instructor (Most resources such as worksheets, weblinks, and apps are free of charge and this information will be emailed directly to you. In other cases, your child’s instructor may suggest a paid app. Please note The Kid Spark Group, LLC is not directly affiliated with any paid app service.)

*We ask that our younger learners have an adult nearby in case of technical issues.


How often should my child have lessons and how long are the lessons?

We suggest lessons at least twice per week, especially with our younger learners. We offer 30-/45-/60-minute lessons based on your child's age. 

What are your fees for each lesson?

Each of our contracted instructors determines their fees per lesson based on their experience and qualifications.

Have additional questions? Go ahead and book your FREE introductory session with our founder, Ty Foster.

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